The Best Scissors for Your Home Herb Garden

Having an herb garden is one way of having fresh herbs on hand any time you want to add some flavor to what you are cooking. Herbs can be easily grown on the ground or in pots. They easily thrive in your home. Aside from providing tasty ingredients, they also keep the air inside your home fresh and clean.

Herbs usually have tender stems that can break easily. If you use your hands to remove a leaf, the delicate stem could be damaged. The best kitchen utensil to use is a pair of scissors specifically designed for your herb garden. There are lots of brands of this type of scissors. Here are the best scissors to choose from.

RSVP herb scissors

RSVP scissors can snip, cut, chop, and mince herbs and vegetables quickly. It is made of stainless steel that comes with five blades, a cleaning comb, and protective gear. It has non-slip handles and a protective cover so you won’t cut your hands when handling it. RSVP herb scissors are multi-purpose so that it can be used for opening bottles, jars, and cans and opening stubborn packaging.

Shear Genius Kitchen Scissors with five blades

These culinary scissors can make it easy for you to prepare many kinds of dishes. This 5-bladed pair of herb scissors come with a cover that acts as a protection and as a cleaner for the scissors. It is an ideal gift for housewarming and weddings. It has a 5-year guarantee but with its state-of-the-art construction, it can last a lifetime.

Chef Remi Latest Herb Scissors

This pair of kitchen scissors comes with 100% money-back lifetime warranty. If you find any problems with it, the company will give you a refund or replace your item with a new one. These shears with 5 steel blades are as sharp as a razor, making it several times faster to chop, mince, and strip herbs and vegetables than when you use ordinary herb scissors. It has an ergonomically designed handle with thermoplastic handles made of rubber.

Zestkit Premium 5-blade kitchen scissors

It is made of stainless steel and this durable herb shears. You can cut vegetables directly into whatever dish you are preparing. It can mince, chop, and strip vegetables and herbs with the speed of ten blades in the same period of time. Aside from being a kitchen tool, it can be used for other purposes such as cutting or shredding paper and in making art projects. The handle is made of silicon, making it soft and easy to grip. You can use it for hours without suffering blisters. The steel blade will never rust or become dull despite long years of use.

Herb Scissors Set by Chefast

This is a multipurpose pair of kitchen shears with 5 blades made of stainless steel. The handles are ergonomically designed and do not slip off, allowing you full control of it. It comes with two drawstring bags for your herbs and a cover for safety. It has a cleaning comb that is built right in the cover so that you can clean it right after each use. You can give the blades a swipe and the vegetables that cling on it fall off.  With these features, you will be able to chop, mince, and strip herbs and vegetables without so much mess. Customers are assured of 30-day refund with lifetime replacement warranty.

Cethias Herb Scissors

This herb scissors can nip the herbs and vegetables directly into the dish that you are preparing, which will reduce the mess that nipping vegetables and herbs can create. There is no chopping board to clean afterward so your work is reduced. You can use the cleaning brush that comes with it to get rid of the mess quickly and easily. It can be used for other purposes aside from mincing, chopping, and cutting herbs and vegetables. This product has a lifetime warranty. If you discover any defects, just inform the company and show your receipt within 90 days of receipt and you will be refunded 100%.

Why do things the hard way when you can do them quickly and easily using these high-quality herb scissors? You will be able to enjoy preparing your favorite dishes and add flavor to it with the fresh herbs from your garden.